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Oncology Support

Methylation & Pyrrole 

Auto immune and Thyroid Health

Hormones and Weight loss

Digestive support

Cancer support

Children's Health

Bianca is a qualified Naturopath, Medicinal Herbalist and Nutritionist with over 10 years clinical experience.

After studying Physiotherapy at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, Bianca developed a special interest in people with disabilities. This led her to work as a Facilitator for adults with disabilites and mental illness where she was coordinating and presenting courses by the time she was 21 years of age. To further her education and gain “hands on” experience she travelled, living on organic farms, learning about healing, herbs, nutrition, aromatherapy, permaculture, organic food and gardening.

All this experience culminated in the desire to become a qualified Naturopath, a career which utilises her passion for Science and Nature, and enables her to empower others through Education.

Bianca has worked for the past 5 years alongside Doctors at  Niim Gold Coast. They have mentored her in reading blood results, and writing compounded nutrients to support methylation and pyrrole patients. This is a special interest to her. She is trained in intravenous nutrients, hyperthermia and hyperbaric treatments and is experienced in supporting cancer patients and people with chronic infection such as Lymes.


Being a mother of two beautiful girls has inspired her to educate other parents so that they feel empowered about their own children’s health. Her passion and enthusiasm inspires others to trust in themselves and take control of their health.

Bianca uses evidence based healthcare and makes use of the latest clinical research when treating an individual. She will tailor a plan to work in with your lifestyle and family budget. Her approach is to offer support and guidance, believing that when we feel supported and strong we are more able to make the positive lifestyle changes required.

Bianca's qualifications Include:

Advanced diploma in Naturopathy. Advanced Diploma in Clinical Nutrition. Advanced diploma Western Herbal Medicine