Initial Consultation:

● Health History

   Please come a few minutes early to your appointment time to fill in some forms.

   This enables Bianca to spend more time testing, explaining and giving you a treatment plan.

● Blood results

   If you have results from your Doctor please bring to your consultation, even if you have been told they are ‘normal’.

   Bianca has been trained to look for ‘wellness’ not just disease.

● In clinic screening

   Bianca uses a Dark Field Microscope. From a prick of your finger to collect one drop of blood, you can see the health of your cells.        Bianca is trained to recognise how different signs and symptoms may relate to your health status.

   This test is especially helpful at checking for Candida, Gut health, Inflammation and Immune dysregulation.

   As this is not a diagnostic tool Bianca may refer you to a Doctor for further testing.

● Functional pathology tests 

   These tests may be required for further diagnosis. These tests are not covered by Medicare, so you need to pay for them

   whether through a Doctor or through Bianca (it is the same price).

   - Hormone testing through saliva or urine to show the different oestrogen metabolites not picked up by blood

   - Adrenal stress – measured by saliva cortisol levels throughout the day

   - Thyroid test including T4, T3, reverse T3 and antibodies. Most Doctors only test TSH which doesn’t

     give you all the information you need.

   - Iodine urine an important nutrient needed for the Thyroid

   - Pyrrole urine test

   - Allergy / Food intolerance testing

   - Pfeiffer profile – includes Vitamin D, Zinc and copper ratios, whole blood histamine, homocysteine.

   - MTHFR gene testing

   - SIBO breath test for gut health -

   - Comprehensive Digestive Stool analysis

   - Lyme-like Diseases & Advanced Pathogen DNA Blood Test

   - CTC – Circulating Tumor Cells

Bianca will tailor your tests and treatment plan to suit your individual needs taking into account your budget requirements. She is gifted at explaining in simple terms the biochemistry of your body and why you may need support. It can be a lot of information in one sitting, so she gives handouts to take home with you to read.

● Nutrition

   Nutrition is key to any health program. Bianca will outline a diet plan for you during the first consult,

   often including recipes to support.

● Compounded nutrients 

   Bianca has a special interest in treating methylation and pyrrole disorder, also mood disorders such as anxiety,

   OCD and depression which require specific doses of nutrients (BioBalance) Bianca is experienced at formulating compounded

   nutrients to suit these individual needs through the chemist. This can come in a blister pack which you make into a drink,

   (reducing the amount of tablets you need to take), or a cream you can rub on your body, especially good for children.

● Herbal formula 

   Trained as a medicinal herbalist Bianca often supports your treatment with a herbal tincture. Herbal tinctures are customized to          suit you and your constitution based on what Bianca finds during the initial consultation. These are a great way to support several      systems at once such as adrenal, liver and immune – instead of having to take a separate supplement for each.

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Follow-up Consultation:


Usually 2 – 4 weeks after the initial consultation, you will need to see Bianca for a follow up consultation.

Dietary changes are discussed in more detail, and support is offered. Bianca reviews your treatment program and makes changes where necessary. Receiving regular health checks and support is the best way to stick to your treatment program and work out any issues that may arise.

Bianca uses in clinic screening tools to assess your progress. It is exciting to see the changes for yourself!

This is especially helpful during a gut cleanse.

Follow up consults are usually 30minutes. If you have results to discuss with Bianca from your Doctor, Functional pathology, or from a Hair test please book a 60min consultation to ensure there is enough time to discuss.

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The colour and pattern of your eyes is as unique as your finger print, no two are the same! Nerves travel from your brain to your eyes, which are not involved in sight; instead they relay information about the health of your body.

By studying the Iris (coloured part of your eye) Bianca can obtain information about all parts of your body, like a map.

She can identify what your inherited strengths and weaknesses are, your tendency to disease, and current health condition.

Iridology can determine potential health problems at the earliest stage.

This powerful information helps you to understand how to best take care of your body in order to prevent disease.

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Bianca was told she had ‘healing hands’ when she was young which inspired her to study Physiotherapy after school.

She then had her own mobile massage business while she was studying Naturopathy in New Zealand which paid for her tuition.

Bianca is experienced in Remedial massage. Loving exercise herself she understands the importance of massage for

recovery and injury prevention.

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OLIGOSCAN – $100 test. Consult fee extra. Tissue mineral and heavy metal testing TGA approved. Are you

absorbing all your nutrients? How toxic are you?

Toxins are prevalent in the world today. We are exposed to toxins though the air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat.

Studies have linked heavy metals– including mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminium– with auto immune disease. Unfortunately these heavy metals even cross the placenta from mother to baby so children are being born with higher toxic loads.

The Oligoscan is state of art technology which measures your mineral status in your tissue and heavy metal load. Results are immediate and able to be discussed during the consult.

The OligoScan technology utilizes spectrophotometry to obtain results on the amount of trace elements and heavy metals exist within tissue, calibrated specifically for a specific area of the body. The basic principle is that every type of compound, regardless if it is chemical or mineral based, absorbs, emits or reflects light (electromagnetic radiation) over a certain specific range of wavelengths.

The OligoScan procedure is simple, painless and non-invasive. Testing is completely safe for everyone, using only light transmitted through the skin. Bianca takes four photos from different points on the palm of a patient’s hand, using high frequency light spectrophotometry and the results appear immediately on the screen.

Why test this way?

Blood tests show what nutrients are circulating around your body NOT what are being absorbed. Urine

tests measure what the body is capable of excreting. Hair testing is also a reliable test for mineral and heavy

metals however you need to CUT your hair, which isn’t always desirable. If you dye your hair you need to

wait until you have regrowth.

Preparation for the test

Patients need to know BLOOD TYPE – O, A, B, AB

If you don’t know this, Bianca can give you a script to have it tested.

We also need height and weight which can be measured during the consult.


Oligoscan testing is only available on Wednesdays at Niim Gold Coast. Initial consults are $120 for an hour.

Follow up consults are $85. The test is an extra $100.


ON THE SPOT RESULTS - No waiting around for results or having to book follow up appointments for your results.

INFRARED TECHNOLOGY – no harmful radiation or electromagnetic frequencies


NOT suitable for under 12 years of age or 30kg because reference standards vary widely amonggrowing children.

HAIR testing is best for children under 12 years of age.

Click the link below to view an example or the Oligoscan Test results. 

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Hair Testing:


Hair testing (HTMA) shows which nutrients are getting into the tissues. The body tries to keep levels of

minerals and metals constant in the blood. It does this by moving them in and out of the tissues. A blood test

for minerals does not necessarily show levels in tissues (including organs). Urine tests measure what the

body is capable of excreting, whereas Hair and Oligoscan testing shows us what the nutrient levels are in our


Heavy metals cross the placenta from Mother to child so our children are being born with higher toxic levels.

This can affect their health and learning, by preventing the absorption of essential nutrients. If you feel like

your child is not thriving, has a learning disability, has been exposed to toxins such as pesticides, keeps

getting sick, is tired, or just want a health check – the hair test is a valuable tool.

The balance of your minerals gives an indication of other health conditions such as Adrenal Fatigue, poor

digestion, tendency for food sensitivities, slow metabolism, methylation issues, and thyroid conditions.

Bianca can see which health issues your children are predisposed to if they continue on the same nutrients.

Hair testing requires an educated interpretation which Bianca has obtained through years of experience, so

a consult is always required. For instance if the Hair Test does not show much heavy metal toxicity, yet

minerals indicate adrenal fatigue, your body will be holding on to the heavy metals. It doesn’t have the

energy for detox (so levels won’t show in the hair) BUT once the minerals are balanced and adrenals

supported, the heavy metals may start showing up in the hair, because the body now has the energy to

excrete them.

Hair testing is also suitable for adults especially if you are not able to come in for an Oligoscan test.



1. Cut hair with clean stainless steel scissors. Thinning scissors can be used on short hair.

2. Cut small amounts of hair from the nape of the neck and/or several other locations on the back of the scalp.

Cut hair as close to the scalp as possible.

3. If the sampled hair is less than 4cm long, keep all of it for testing. If the hair is longer than this, cut off and keep the 4cm of hair that was growing closest to the scalp (discard the excess).

4. The hair needs to be clean, well-rinsed, untreated and uncoloured. If hair is treated or coloured, wait six to eight weeks and take a sample from the freshly grown untreated hair.

5. Place the hair sample in the envelope provided, or in a clean, clearly labelled envelope or sachet.

How much hair?

The laboratory requires 0.5gm (500mg) or about one (heaped) tablespoon of hair for testing.

What kind of hair?

Head hair from the back of the head is recommended for testing. Freshly grown hair cut from close to the scalp reflects the body's most recent metabolic activity.

If head hair is not available, beard or pubic hair can be used. If there is no hair, clean fingernail clippings can be tested. These alternative tissue samples can be used to monitor toxic mineral levels, but may not always provide nutrient mineral data that is as reliable as head hair.

Do not mix different types of tissue samples, eg. do not mix head hair with pubic hair.


Bianca may take a sample of your hair during the consultation to send away for testing.


Bianca can send you the forms, and you cut your own hair, and send it for testing.

The results take 2 weeks once sent away.

You will require a consultation to go over the results.

COST  $120 - $150