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Yes I do put coffee water up my bum and recommend my patients do the same!

With the popularity of colonic hydration clinics (colonics) increasing, the idea of cleaning out your colon for health is not new for a lot of people. Yet there are still some who are horrified over the idea. If this is YOU please keep reading! It is not as bad as it sounds, and the health benefits are worth it!

I first learnt about coffee enemas when I was studying Naturopathy at Wellpark college in NZ which also teaches Ayurvedic medicine. Like many ancient systems of medicine Ayurveda utilises enemas as a health practice, (called vasti or basti) Enemas were known in ancient Sumeria, Babylonia, India, Greece and China. In fact there is hardly a region of the world where people did not discover and use the enema!

Why? Because clearing your shit makes you feel better! Literally! It is important to have a normal bowel movement every day. This allows your body to get rid of all the toxins you eat and are exposed to. Without expelling your waste, the toxins can get stuck in the colon and get reabsorbed back into the blood stream. This will make you more toxic, putting a heavy burden on your liver to filter more. Yet don’t think you won’t need an enema because you are ‘regular’. Even if you DO have a regular bowel movement you can still have toxic ‘sludge’ coating your intestines!

The goal of the coffee enema is not just to get the bowel working but to help the liver detox so the body can function better. We all need support detoxifying in this world we live in. Every day we are exposed to toxins in the air we breathe, water we drink, and food we eat. Our liver has a lot of work to do! When we cannot process the toxins we are exposed to our liver gets overloaded and we get sick!

There is NOT a lot of scientific research to prove the benefit of the coffee enema. Why? Well one possible reason is that research costs money, and there is no money to be made prescribing coffee enemas. It costs $20 - $30 for an enema kit which you can reuse as often as you like, and then the cost of the coffee. That’s how cheap it is! Most evidence is anecdotal. Doctors have recommended coffee enemas in their practice and got good results such as Max Gerson and Dr Gonzalez. Here is part of an interview of Dr Gonzalez found here:

MONEYCHANGER: Did Kelley originate the coffee enema?

DR. GONZALEZ: No, actually Max Gerson used them for decades & really promoted them. He was a nutrition-oriented physician who moved to the US from Germany during the 30s & practiced here in New York. Gerson found, as did Kelley, that coffee enemas helped the liver work better. In Europe they were used routinely in the 20s & 30s to treat toxic shock & all kinds of very serious illnesses. By the 40s & 50s, as medicine became more technologically sophisticated, interest in coffee enemas waned, but they appeared in all the major nursing textbooks right through the 1950s as standard nursing procedures. They were listed in the Merck Manual, the Bible of orthodox therapy, until 1977. What nurses & other physicians noticed was that the enemas made patients feel better, but they didn’t know why. It was supposed to be a caffeine high, but that’s not it. Through a neurological reflex the coffee enemas help the liver work more efficiently.

The liver is the body’s main detoxification organ. It processes & neutralizes all toxic chemicals, whether they come from our own body or the environment. In this toxic universe of 1995 the liver is always overloaded, particularly when you have an illness. The backed up toxic waste makes you feel sick, & we believe it can also lead to tumor formation. Coffee enemas help the liver clean out, help eliminate toxic chemicals more efficiently, & make you feel better.

Both Dr Gonzalez and Max Gerson are famous for treating cancer using diet, supplements and detoxification programs in which the coffee enema plays a part. Having worked as a Naturopath in a cancer clinic for the past 5 years, I have educated many people on the use of coffee enemas, and seen the benefits. I do advise if you are following a detox program while you have cancer or other chronic illnesses to have the guidance of a health professional.

But why wait until you have a chronic disease like cancer before you try a coffee enema? Liver health is essential for optimal wellness!

Signs your liver may need support:

  • constipation/bloating/digestive problems such as IBS

  • bad breath

  • skin problems: Since the liver is overwhelmed with toxins, the skin (detox organ) helps to take over. Eczema, acne, blemishes, rashes

  • weight loss / unable to gain weight or unable to LOSE weight even when dieting

  • irritable/anger/rage: metaphysically Liver is the seat of your anger

  • brain fog/ poor concentration/ poor memory

  • hormone problems/estrogen dominance/ PMS

  • headaches

  • High blood pressure / fluid retention / high cholesterol

  • allergies/ sensitive to everything (chemicals/pollens/foods)

  • hypoglycemia or unstable blood sugar levels

  • excess gas

  • coated tongue

  • nausea esp after eating fatty foods / Gallbladder problems / gallstones

  • over heating / night sweats

  • poor eye sight

  • Itching

  • Poor sleep esp waking at 1-3am (liver time in TCM)

  • Pimples back of your arm, shoulder and upper back

  • skin rashes

  • brown skin discolouration (liver spots)

  • Red skin tags / red freckles

  • Cellulite (is a build up of toxins)

My personal experience with using coffee enemas for health started back when I was a student. I used to suffer from crippling headaches which could last a few days. I was sensitive to light, felt nauseas and even vomited. Sometimes it was triggered by NOT drinking coffee for a day (detox reaction), but other times a headache would come on randomly. I tried my first coffee enema when I had one of these headaches. It was difficult to do as I was already feeling nauseous, but on completion of the enema my headache had gone!! I felt so much better! That was nearly 15 years ago.

Now I always have an enema kit in my bathroom. Any time I am constipated or not evacuating properly (which I have learnt precedes getting a coldsore or flu), if I am bloated, or have liver toxic signs such as night sweats or waking up at 3am, I will have a coffee enema.

When I recognise these early signs and take action, I find it PREVENTS disease! I LOVE that I don’t have to book an appointment and WAIT to get it done, I can do it WHEN I feel I need it, and in the PRIVACY of my own home! (although most colon hydrotherapy clinics also offer coffee enemas if you prefer doing it under guidance)

Even if you are sensitive to drinking coffee, it won’t affect you taking coffee this way. When you drink coffee it goes through your stomach and digestive system. Drinking coffee can weaken your liver!


During a coffee enema the coffee is taken up by the portal vein which goes straight to the LIVER. The enema is held for 15minutes, during which time it stimulates the liver cells to cleanse the blood, removing toxins. The entire blood circulation is recycled through the liver during this time, enabling a thorough cleanse. A flushing of toxic bile is encouraged which enters the gastrointestinal tract. The large volume of fluid retained in the lower colon stimulates peristaltic activity, which ensures the propulsion of bile through the intestine to the outside.


  1. Cleans out the colon and relieves constipation.

  2. Eliminates parasites and candida: Including ones that may travel up into the liver.

  3. Detox the liver and Reduces toxic load in the body: fluid retention, headache, joint pain, disease, and illness are all common symptoms of a “toxic body”.

  4. Purifies blood: Kahweol and cafestol pulminate (found in coffee) stimulate glutiothione-S-transferase (GST). GST is a enzyme system in the liver that captures toxins in the bloodstream. The bound toxins are then flushed out with the enema. Every 3 minutes, all the blood in the body passes through the liver. This process leaves the blood clean and less toxic.

  5. Boosts energy, mental clarity and mood! : When you remove toxins and clean your colon it gives you more energy.

  6. Improves digestion: it can help gas, bloating, and digestion issues. The coffee may stimulate bile flow, which is needed to digest fats and kill harmful bacteria. After a few coffee enemas you may hear a gallbladder ‘squirt’ near the middle-right ribcage.

  7. Eases “die off”: When doing a parasite cleanse, candida diet, SIBO, CANCER treatment or detox, toxic metabolic waste can be released. A coffee enema will help your liver function better and also keep the toxins from reabsorbing or re circulating and doing more damage. This helps speed up a healing reaction.

  8. Migraines/headache: Usually a sign of blood vessels constricting. The coffee helps to dilate blood vessels while removing harmful toxins that can be the cause of the inflammation or headache in the first place.

  9. Clears complexion: Because a coffee enema purifies the blood, more nutrients are available to nourish your skin. In TCM the liver and skin are closely connected so when your liver is overburdened with toxins the skin will show it.

  10. Lose weight – by reducing bloating, supporting clearance of hormones and cleansing the gut


  • Enema kit (can be bought from many chemists)

  • 3 rounded Tblsp (or ¼ cup) of ORGANIC, medium roast ground coffee

  • 1 litre of filtered water

Bring filtered water to the boil. Add 3 Tblsp of ground coffee. Continue to boil for 3 minutes, uncovered, and then simmer on very low heat for 15-18 minutes, covered. Cool, Strain through a fine mesh (not filter paper) and make up the quantity with distilled water to 1 litre. Strained in this way will ensure that you retain some silt in the enema which is high in palmitates.

Pour the enema, LUKEWARM or body temperature, into the enema bucket, and either hang it or place it on a flat surface (make sure the nozzle end is shut off and the enema kit is not too high from the ground 60-90cm sufficient)

Lie on your LEFT SIDE and place the catheter into the rectum before releasing the flow. Insert the catheter about 20cm, or as comfortable as you can manage, as this will avoid uptake of the enema by the haemorrhoidal vein via the rectum, which will give you a systemic effect. The bulk of the enema can then pass into the large colon and be absorbed by the mesenteric veins which deliver the coffee directly to the liver.

Inject and retain for 15min in the lying position. Pass the enema after 15minutes.

Many patients at the beginning experience problems in retaining enemas for the full 15minutes. This occurs when the body is low in potassium and the muscles, which require potassium for healthy tone (contraction and relaxation) contract and spasm, either making retention impossible because of the strong peristaltic waves, or the enema clutches, so that the patient cannot release it. If the patient does retain the enema, the fluid will be absorbed into the circulation and passed via the kidneys.


  • While instilling the coffee, stop the flow with the clamp as needed, and don’t forget to breathe

  • Make sure the enema bucket is not placed too high. If the enema feeds into the rectum too quickly, this can set up counter spasms in the intestine.

  • Take a 0.5L Chamomile tea enema before the coffee enema. Do not retain. Chamomile will soothe and relax the muscles prior to the coffee enema and assist in the elimination of any bulk matter in the colon.

  • Take the enema in two smaller doses (this will take twice the time, as each enema must be retained for 15minutes)

More information can be found here:

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